Seeking but not finding the house builder, I traveled through the round of countless births. Oh, painful is birth ever and again! House builder, you have now been seen. You shall not build the house again. Your rafters have been broken down; your ridge-pole is demolished too. My mind has now attained the unformed nirvana and reached the end of every kind of craving. (Dh. 153-54.)

Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre – Kathina 2019
梵行寺禅林– 迦提那袈裟暨供僧法会2019


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Dear Bro and Sisters,

Annual Kathina 2019 Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre
3 November 2019 (Sunday)

You are cordially invited to participate in the Annual Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony.

The Kathina ceremony is the effort to reinforce our practice and spirituality from the teaching of the Buddha:
1. Deepening our faith in the Triple Gem.
2. Renewing our gratitude and commitment to support Sangha members as bearers that had brought till today uninterruptedly.
3. Making selfless effort to contribute financially and/or in kind to building, maintenance and improvement of activities for the development and betterment of the many.
4. Dedicating our wholesome deeds for the realization of Nibbana.
1. 来加深对佛法僧三宝的信心

2. 延续对佛法传承者(僧伽之谢意与支持。

3. 成就以财力与努力,对利益大众之事务无私的支持。

4. 分享及迥向善功德,以趣向涅槃

We are happy to announce that the MAIN SPONSOR of Annual Kathina 2019 at Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre is Bro. Ng Hong, Sis. Ng Kim Lian & Family.
梵行寺禪林现荣幸宣布,今年迦提那袈裟暨供僧法会「主赞助」为Bro. Ng Hong, Sis. Ng Kim Lian 与家人。

We also welcome CO-SPONSORS, each support of RM1000, to rejoice with the above event. 
我们欢迎大家一同随喜参与,以RM 1000 加入为「联合赞助人」。

We welcome all members of the community to attend (non-Muslims only).

Please make it a personal effort and also do invite family members and friends to attend this meaningful event.

All volunteers are most welcome to make the event a successful one by contact the following whatsapp numbers:

1. Jasmine Teo (012 387-5636)
2. Brahmavihara Monastery (014 2948549)


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