Abbot / Founder:Bhante Dr.Dhammapāla
住持 / 创办人:法护尊者

Bhante Dhammapala was born in Kuching in 1970. He was ordained as Upasampada Bhikkhu in Wat Chong Kedah in 1994 under the Most Respected Chao Khun Phra Raj Thammathara. Subsequently he sought spiritual dependence under the guidance of Bhante Dhammasakkaro Mahathero.

He spent 15 years studying Buddhist Philosophy, Pali and Sanskrit literatures in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. In 2009, he obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies under the supervision of Professor Venerable KL Dhammajoti, in The University of Hong Kong.

After his graduation, he was appointed as Chief Editor and Spiritual Director for the Buddhistdoor website. In 2010-2013, he was the Visiting Assistant Professor at the Centre of Buddhist Studies, The University of Hong Kong.

He is the Founder and Abbot of Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre Melaka, Bodhivana Monastery of Sungai Pelek, and The Centre of Mindfulness in Hong Kong.
尊者是马六甲梵行寺禅林,双溪比力菩提林, 香港正念禅修中心的创办人和住持。

He is also one of the Monastic Advisors of Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia, Religious Advisor of Metta Lodge Pusat Buddhist Johor, Religious Advisor of Amata Dhamma Centre, Melaka and Seremban Sudhamma Buddhist Society.
尊者也是马来西亚南传佛教总会的宗教顾问,柔佛民德佛学会的宗教顾问,马六甲甘露苑佛法中心及 Seremban Sudhamma Buddhist Society。

He travelled frequently conducting meditation retreats, dhamma talks, dhamma camps for youth and teen and academic teaching in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Currently, he is a Lecturer at the Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong and Malaysian Buddhist Academy

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