Seeking but not finding the house builder, I traveled through the round of countless births. Oh, painful is birth ever and again! House builder, you have now been seen. You shall not build the house again. Your rafters have been broken down; your ridge-pole is demolished too. My mind has now attained the unformed nirvana and reached the end of every kind of craving. (Dh. 153-54.)


(Brahmavihara) Kaṭhina Robe Offering Ceremony and Saṅghikadāna 

Kaṭhina Robe Offering Ceremony and Saṅghikadāna


Date:11 November 2018  (Sunday)

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Venue:Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre, Lot 22101, Jalan Wakaf, Bertam Ulu, Melaka

You are cordially invited to participate the above Sacred Event. You are also welcome to bring food and offer to the Sangha members. Vegetarian Lunch will be served. 

Enquiry / Details:Bro Chew(019-6573161)


Whatsapp /Wechat : +6014-294 8549 (Attention: Bro. Teo)


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