Seeking but not finding the house builder, I traveled through the round of countless births. Oh, painful is birth ever and again! House builder, you have now been seen. You shall not build the house again. Your rafters have been broken down; your ridge-pole is demolished too. My mind has now attained the unformed nirvana and reached the end of every kind of craving. (Dh. 153-54.)

3 months Vassa (rain retreat) Invitation 2019

We welcome your support and rejoice in the Sangha’s practice during the vassa retreat, for the benefits of many, and for the continuation of the Buddha-sasana. 

Vassa 2019 period: 18 July 2019 (Thursday) to 13 October 2019 (Sunday)

Venue: Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre, Melaka

Whatsapp: 014 294 8549


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Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre – Kathina 2019

梵行寺禅林– 迦提那袈裟暨供僧法会2019

3 November 2019 (Sunday)

You are cordially invited to participate in the Annual Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony.

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Update of "International Meditation Retreat Centre" Building Project (Pledging Forms included)

We are updating you the construction of "International Meditation Retreat Centre". Your generous supports towards the completion of the International Meditation Retreat Centre are greatly appreciated.

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