Brahmavihara 梵行寺禅林 (1151570-U)

Brahmavihara is a non-profit organisation (NGO) registered under section 16(4), Companies Act 1965, Malaysia. Brahmavihara is regulated by the respective laws and regulation, therefore the information about Brahmavihara is open and transparent and that the financial statement requires to be audited annually.

According to the laws of Malaysia and the provision of the Company’s articles, the objectives of Brahmavihara are:
(i) The maintenance of Sangha members;
(ii) To promote the teachings of Buddha;
(iii) Charity.
(i) 护持僧团;
(ii) 弘扬佛法;
(iii) 慈善事业。

Brahmavihara is established in 2015, and responsible for developing, managing and operating Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre.

The decision-making bodies within Brahmavihara are: Saṅgha Council and Board of Directors. Saṅgha Council is the highest authority in Brahmavihara, and board members are appointed by Saṅgha Council.

In compliance with the requirements of the Malaysian Companies law, Brahmavihara has a group of professional which consists of Accountant, Company Secretary and Legal Advisor, to handle the Company’s matters.

Brahmavihara also collaborates with other Buddhist society, i.e. Melaka Cheng Amata Dhamma Centre, whereby Cheng Amata Dhamma Centre will assist to organise and coordinate various Buddhist activities to promote Buddhism.

Brahmavihara's Location

Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre
Lot 21825, Jalan Wakaf, Bertam Ulu, 76450, Melaka, Malaysia. 

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Brahmavihara (1151570-U)
Whatsapp: +6014-294 8549

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm daily.

Guests should call up beforehand (Bro Chew 019 6573161 or Whatsapp Enquiry/ appointment 014 2948 549 ) if you wish to visit outside these hours to ensure gates are opened.
Please enter through Gate B

每天开放时间为上午 8:00 至下午 2:00。
如果访客希望在上述时间以外参观,应提前致电以(周居士019 6573161 or Whatsapp 查询/预约014 2948 549 )确保大门开放。
请用 B 门进入禅林。

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