This site is a record of the books in the physical library of Brahmavihara monastery & Retreat centre. 

Any ebook linked are credited to the respective authors of the books and are linked if it could be found freely on other sites. If the book is copyrighted the ebook is not linked, unless permission, in general, was given to copy freely. Only when the ebook is not found is it said softcopy not available. 

To transform ebook into audiobooks, there's various software and apps out there to read out loud texts to speech. 

Goodreads allows one to keep a record of which books you had read. In general, Goodreads are for English books only, you're free to create new Goodreads book page for the Chinese books found here. 

Data inputting is still underway, so the number of books will increase gradually. Estimated total number of books may reach thousands. 

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