Abbot / Founder:Bhante Dr.Dhammapāla
住持 / 创办人:法护尊者

Born in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Bhante Dhammapāla Mahāthero was very keen to know about Buddhism from his childhood, and in his teenage years, he began to learn Dhamma through the channels that he could, in that remote area with limited resources. He was very determined to advance his studies back then where Buddhism and Dhamma study was not popular and was, so to speak, inaccessible.

Bhante Dhammapāla was ordained as Upasampada Bhikkhu at the age of 24 in Wat Chong Kedah under the Most Respected Chao Khun Phra Raj Thammathara. He subsequently sought spiritual dependence under the guidance of Bhante Dhammasakkaro Mahāthero.

Bhante Dhammapāla spent 15 years studying Buddhist Philosophy, Pāli and Sanskrit literatures in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. In 2009 he obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Buddhist Studies under the supervision of Professor Venerable KL Dhammajoti Mahāthero, in The University of Hong Kong, following which he was appointed as Chief Editor and Spiritual Director for the Buddhistdoor website, which has benefited many monastic and laity communities. 

Bhante Dhammapāla is very passionate in the sharing of knowledge and education in Buddhism. He was honored as Visiting Assistant Professor at the Centre of Buddhist Studies, University of Hong Kong in 2010, and in 2011 he initiated The Centre of Mindfulness in Hong Kong, as a Founder and Abbot of the Centre. 

In 2021, Bhante Dhammapāla was appointed as Monastic Advisors of Theravāda Buddhist Council of Malaysia. In 2023, he was appointed as Monastic Advisor of D’cradle. Further to that, Bhante has accepted the invitation to become the Religious Advisor of Metta Lodge Pusat Buddhist Johor and the Religious Advisor for Seremban Sudhamma Buddhist Society.

Bhante has travelled frequently to conduct meditation retreats, Novitiate Programme, Dhamma talks and Dhamma camps for youths and teens across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. 

COVID-19 pandemic is not an obstacle to the teaching of Bhante Dhammapāla. Ever since the pandemic started, Bhante has acquired skills and facilities to conduct Dhamma talks, seminars, Sanskrit & Pāli classes and other academic teachings through online methods, and has streamed through Facebook Live and YouTubes to enable the continuous learning of the Saṅgha members, for his students and public learners.

Currently, he is an online Buddhist Lecturer conducting Diploma and Master of Arts at the Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong, Mid America Buddhist Association, The Klang & Coast Buddhist Association and Malaysian Buddhist Academy

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Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre
Lot 21825, Jalan Wakaf, Bertam Ulu, 76450, Melaka, Malaysia. 

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