Rules and Guidelines

We wish to create the right conditions for the retreat and monastery-stay in order to attain the goals and common purpose. All Yogis have to be committed and be disciplined in adhering to the requirements and guidelines listed below:
• The Triple Gem - Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha - are our Guidance. Please be open to learning from Community of Sangha during the Retreat.
• All participants will take refuge in the Triple Gem and observe the Eight Precepts* during the Retreat. Please stay mindful, calm, and let peace and joy prevail in your practice.
• Please observe Noble Silence throughout your stay. This will be an opportunity for not engaging in conversations with others (Except for asking questions, interviewing & discussions when necessary).
• As with any physical retreats, this involves not only abstinence from speech, but also abstinence from the use of social media (eg. TV, internet, text messaging, emails) and any other forms of entertainment and distraction so that you can fully be with yourself.
• All participants must surrender mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets when checking in and collect from volunteer on duty when checking out, at noon. Please refrain from bringing valuables to the Retreat.
• Filming, taking photos or making any recordings are prohibited without prior consent from Bhantes.
• Entry or exit during the retreat is not allowed unless with the approval of Bhantes.
• Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs are prohibited.
• Please respect and follow the instructions of volunteers to facilitate a smooth Retreat for all.
• The organizer retains all rights and privileges to remove anyone who violates any of the above guidelines or causes disturbance during the Retreat.
• Air-con usage in the room is discouraged. The rooms are equipped with fans and the windows are mosquito netted. You are encouraged to meditate at the meditation hall or Sima Hall in the afternoon.
• You will be required to carry out duties / chores as assigned or by duty roster.
• 三宝 – 佛法僧是我们的导师。保持恭敬的心向僧团学习。
• 所有参与者在静修期间须皈依三宝并遵守八戒*。 保持正念、平静,让平和喜悦充满您的修行中。
• 全程止语,不与人交谈(除了在问答环节、讨论或小参)。
• 禁用社交媒体(例如电视、互联网、短信、电子邮件)和任何其他分散注意力的娱乐形式,以便您可以充分和自己在一起。
• 所有参与者报到时必须交出手机、电脑等电子产品,结束后领取。请不要携带贵重物品。
• 未经比丘同意,禁止拍摄、拍照或录音。
• 静修期间不允许进出,除非获得比丘许可。
• 禁止吸烟、饮酒、吸毒。
• 尊重并听从义工的指示以让作业顺畅。
• 筹委会保留所有权利和特权撤离违反准则或造成干扰的参与者。
• 房间配有风扇,窗户装有蚊帐。不鼓励在房间内使用空调,鼓励您下午时间在禅堂静修。
• 您需执行被分配到的或按照值班表执行劳务。

Personal items for the retreat
• Any medication, hot water flask/mug, toiletries, towels, clothes hanger & pegs, hairdryer, torchlight, umbrella, non-fragrant mosquito repellent and insect sprays are recommended.
• No clothes-washing facilities are provided. Please bring sufficient clothing or handwash your clothes.
• It is recommended to bring your blanket, bed sheet, and pillow cover.
• Wear loose-fitting, light and plain-coloured clothing and sweatpants. Clothing made of cotton is recommended (to prevent rubbing sound). Inappropriate clothing is prohibited, including tights, sleeveless, shorts, miniskirt.
• Bring your own eye mask and earplug (if necessary).
• 建议携带个人药物、热水瓶/杯子、洗漱用品、毛巾、衣架和衣夹、吹风机、手电筒、雨伞、无味驱蚊剂。
• 不提供洗衣设施,请携带足够的衣服。可手洗衣服。
• 必须携带被单、床单和枕套。
• 携带宽松、浅色或素色的衣服和运动长裤。建议穿棉料衣服(减少摩擦声)。禁止穿不合适的衣服,如紧身衣、无袖、短裤或迷你裙。
• 如有需要,自备眼罩和耳塞。

Eight Precepts
These training precepts are guidelines for good conduct in body and speech and provide a necessary foundation for the development of mindfulness, clear comprehension and meditation in the endeavour to cultivate the Noble Eightfold Path. They also promote harmony within the community and a sense of restraint and require much self-discipline.
They are taken up as an act of deliberate personal choice and initiative.
1. Harmlessness: to refrain from intentionally taking the life of any living creature.
2. Trustworthiness: to refrain from taking anything that is not given.
3. Chastity: to refrain from all sexual activity.
4. Right Speech: to refrain from false, abusive, malicious or disharmonious speech and worldly gossip.
5. Sobriety: to refrain from taking intoxicating drinks or drugs; smoking is prohibited at all times at the monastery.
6. To refrain from eating after midday. This frees time for meditation and enhances the simplicity of life.
7. To refrain from using entertainment such as music, dance, playing games, and beautifying or adorning the body with jewellery or makeup. This assists in focusing the mind's attention inwards towards Dhamma.
8. To refrain from using high or luxurious beds or seats and from indulging in sleep. This supports wakefulness, mindfulness and clear awareness in all postures and during all activities throughout the day.
1. 不杀生,不杀有生命的动物;
2. 不与取,不取他不与之物;
3. 不非梵行,不作男女之媾合;
4. 不虚诳语,不说不符事实的话;
5. 不饮酒,不饮一切的酒类及吸毒,禁止吸烟;
6. 不非时食,不食非时之食,亦即过午不食;
7. 不涂饰鬘舞歌观听,不身涂香饰花鬘及观舞蹈听歌曲,专注于修持佛法;
8. 不眠坐高广严丽床上,不坐卧于高广严丽的床上,保持正念。

• If you wish to cancel the registration or cannot attend the Retreat, please notify us at your earliest convenience.
• Meditation mat and cushion are available for use. You can also bring your meditation mat and cushion.
• Breakfast and lunch will be provided. You may need to help to set up the meals as assigned (refer to duty roster)
• Participants need to walk up a staircase and a distance daily to the Sima Hall for meditation practice.
• It is compulsory to join all communal meetings and work activities.
• Arriving and leaving time is from 1pm - 5 pm. If you don’t wish to have lunch on the day you leave, please tell us.
• Bring an umbrella everywhere, always close the umbrella when not in use to avoid damaging the umbrella.
• Monastics have Vinaya rules of not accepting money, so do not give monastics money. Should you wish to support the monastery, you can donate to the monastery itself by approaching the lay staff or volunteers or deposit the money with the steward (layperson) of the monastics.
• Kindly ensure that at least one male participant is present in the class if there are female participants in the class for the ease of the Bhikkhus who are teaching to help keep his Vinaya. It would be good for female participants who wish to speak to Bhikkhus to get another male along within earshot.
• Food to be offered to Bhikkhus are to be offered to the hand or something connected to the hand of the Bhikkhu (eg. on one table), within 1.25 meters of distance between the donor and the monastic.
• Participants agree to allow the monastics to ask for additional food during mealtime, afternoon drinks or to direct them to chores needed to be done.
• Should there be alms rounds on that day, or the monastics are invited outside for lunch offerings, the breakfast preparation team should ensure that there is at least some non-staple food for the Bhikkhus for breakfast. Staple food includes meat, fish, rice, corn, oats, eggs. Non-staple food includes porridge which is so watery that no spoon is needed to drink it, potatoes, flour-based products, vegetables etc.
• One volunteer should standby with a fork to make seeds (in fruits, chili, etc) allowable for the Bhikkhus after they have collected their meals. The bhikkhu says, "kappiyaṃ karohi (Make it allowable)." The donor damages the fruit with a fork and says, "kappiyaṃ bhante (It is allowable, Sir).”
• 如果您想取消报名或临时无法参加,请尽早通知。
• 提供禅修坐垫及席子,可携带自己的。
• 提供早午两餐。
• 每天需要上梯阶及步行一段路到禅堂。
• 必须参与所有会议及劳务。
• 报到及离开的时间是下午一点至五点间。如果您在最后一天不需要用午餐,请提早告知。
• 雨伞随身携带,没用时请合上雨伞。
• 僧团戒律是不得接收金钱,若您想护持寺院,可以通过义工处理捐款。
• 上课或与比丘交谈时,女性需确保至少有一位男性一起在场,以维护僧团的清净戒律。
• 作供养时,食物应放在比丘的手或与比丘手有接触的物质上(例如一张桌子)。供养者和僧侣之间的距离在 1.25 米以内。
• 当有需要时,参与者需为僧团提供额外的饮食和劳务。
• 如果当日有托钵,或僧团被邀请出外受供养,负责早餐的小组需确保有一些副食供僧团食用。主食包括肉、鱼、米、玉米、燕麦、鸡蛋。副食包括稀粥(不需要勺子就可以喝的稀度)、土豆、面粉制品、蔬菜等。
• 僧团应供时,需有一名志愿者拿着叉子静候一旁。对有种子的供养,如水果、辣椒等,比丘会问:“Kappiyam karohi(是否已经做净)?” 供养者当立即回答:“Kappiyam Bhante(已经做净)。”然后用叉子把其中的一个切开,这样比丘才会食用。

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